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If you intend buying a UK registered used car, then you should check the vehicle history before completing the transaction.

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It is your responsibility to verify there is no outstanding finance on the vehicle that you are looking to buy. You need to know that   the vehicle in question has never been recorded scrapped or written off. If you do not carry out this research and later discover there are issues affecting the value or ownership, they will be your issues and not the sellers! How can you check this? By putting the registration number in the car plate below. Your vehicle check free takes a few minutes to perform and can save you a whole load of trouble.

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All vehicles registered in the UK have their details stored with the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency, the DVLA reg check  can be accessed to verify the identity of cars, vans, motorbikes and any other derivative. When you intend to buy a used vehicle,  Vehicle check free these details as a matter of course because if you don’t, the possibility remains that a previous owner has not notified the agency of any changes. The vehicle color, for example, should match the data we display when you perform your number plate search.

Vehicle Check Free is a quick online tool that can help you avoid buying a car that may have adverse history such as being on the stolen vehicle register or having debt registered against it.

Check the full vehicle history. Check the identity! A car HPI check is not expensive and can save you thousands!

Vehicle Check Free is your online assistance to obtaining the information you need, to make sure your vehicle purchase is the right investment for you. Cars that have been tampered with or have had a crash could be dangerous to drive, there is no need to put yourself and your family in danger for the sake of a few minutes to get your Vehicle check free.